7 hair trends for winter and spring 2024

We’re soon going to step into winter and spring. With new seasons approaching, it’s time to refresh our looks and embrace the latest hair trends. Our hair and beauty salon has hand-picked the best hair trends for winter and spring that elevate your style and keep you ahead in the game of fashion. Let us dive into the fiery hairstyles, haircuts, and hair accessories that will create a perfect blend of warmth, freshness, and personality. 

1. Side bangs 

Want to look effortlessly chic? Adding side bangs to your hair is the perfect way to blend casually with the trend. This versatile hairstyle will frame your face to give a refreshing feel. The touch of playfulness will complement both- cozy winters and breezy spring. It can also be paired with any texture- straight or curls. 

2. Comb headbands

We like to believe fashion repeats itself. Comb headbands were a big thing in the early two-thousands and have captured the market again. Not only do they look cute, but they also put the whole ‘casual’ look together. This trend seamlessly combines fashion with functionality. You can easily elevate your look this season with a hairdressing salon

3. Curly bob 

Bob is a haircut that gives a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Infusing it with curls will raise the bar high. It provides a playful and modern twist that captures the essence of the winter and spring seasons. Whether you choose loose, beachy, or tight curls, they are all low maintenance yet add a carefree elegance. 

4. Wet hair look 

This hair look has gotten fame from runways of top fashion designers. Our hair stylists can help you achieve this runway-inspired look with styling products and hair gels. Versatile, bold, and trendy- this wet hair look can help you make a statement at any festivities during this upcoming winter and spring season. Embrace this damp hair look at your nearest hairdressing salon with confidence and style.

5. Jewels on hair 

We accessorize our ears, neck, fingers, and wrist, so why not our hair? Add a little sparkle to your hair with dazzling hairpins, decorative clips, and ornate combs. With this trend, you can seamlessly blend with cold winter nights and sunny spring days. Your hair expresses your style, and some sparkle will look pretty and provide a radiant touch to your personality.

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6. Full-on braids 

Long braids, from roots to ends, give a carefree look. This trend gives you various options, such as intricate fishtails, classic three-strand plaits, and much more. A full-on braid can cascade down your back or be twisted into a chic updo for a perfect blend of style and comfort. Make some bold statements with your hair and makeup this season. 

7. Wolf cut

This style consists of layers and textures that help create a fierce and feral look ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement. You can style this modern take on the classic shag haircut in a variety of ways. No matter your style, it will work both for winter and spring. Make this trendsetting choice with our hair salon in Encino

There’s something for everyone at our hair and beauty salon. You can express your unique style through these cuts and looks. These trendsetting cuts will tap into the untamed charm and fearless energy, capturing the essence of both seasons. Step up your game and make some bold changes this season.

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