5 Holiday hair and makeup styles you should try

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we all look forward to spending time with our loved ones. But that’s not it! We want to look all decked up for the perfect pictures, right? And no, we are not talking about the expensive makeup but looks that can make you look expensive and not drill a hole in your pocket. That’s how we create a picture-perfect memory for our clients at our hair and beauty salon in Encino. Here are five makeup colors and styles to help you amp up your look for this holiday season.

1. Glitter on the eyes and bold lips

You can capture the essence of this holiday season with a glamorous makeup look that demands attention. You can dive into the festive spirit with some sparkling glitters in your eyes and some mesmerizing color on your lips. Shimmering eyeshadows transform your look and mirror the festive lights around you for an alluring effect.


Opting for bold lips will complement with dazzling eyes. You can choose rich, velvet hues like deep red, maroon, or berry shades to make a statement in the room. This blend of eyes and lips will create a perfect balance of elegance and mischievousness.

2. Defined brows and double-winged liner

A makeup stylist elevates your holiday look with bold yet timeless styles; if you prefer, a professional makeup artist can do it for you. You can begin with defined brows that elevate your face structure. A sharp eyebrow provides a polished look that effortlessly compliments any festive outfit. You can take your look to the next level with a twist to your regular winged liner. Try a double-winged liner, which can add some drama to your festive look.

Defined brows and double-winged liners can create a striking balance between elegance and allure. This holiday season, get in touch with your unique style and shine bright. 

3. Colorful eyeliner and ombre hairstyle

Do you want to add some color to your face? What could be better than to add it to your eyes? Some colorful graphic liners can add an artistic touch to your look. Turquoise, red, silver, lavender, and gold are all shades of this season.

Let’s not forget the Ombre hairstyle, as they’re trending this season. You can create a gradient effect where the shades transition from deep, velvety shades to radiant at the end of your hair. This technique helps add dimension to your hair and makes them look fuller. 

4. Sleek hair

Everything works, whether worn loose, in a ponytail, or a sleek bun! Not only does it look chic, but it also goes with all the aesthetics. An elegant hairstyle offers a timeless charm compatible with celebrations of every kind. Get your holiday wardrobe ready with sleek hair embodied by refined beauty. And as they say, less is more; this hairstyle will add a touch of elegance to your festive look. Make the most of the seasons’ sleek elegance.

5. Dewy look with metallic shadow.

Dewy looks have been a trend for a long time; you can always go right with this. The subtle sheen on your complexion will give you a fresh and youthful appearance. And a metallic eyeshadow, gold or silver, will act like the cherry on the cake.

A Dewy look adds a natural radiance to your face, and metallic eyeshadow captures the radiance of holidays. This versatile makeup look will be perfect for both casual celebrations and parties. Illuminate your features this festive season! To wrap up our holiday beauty tour, trust your gut and feel the vibe you want to go with. Whether it’s your on-fleek brows or dual-winged liner, our makeup and hair salon in Encino has got your back.

Book Your Appointment online or at (818) 641 5000 with one of our hairdressers and makeup artists to get ready with your unique style and good vibes for this holiday season. We wish you a happy holiday season and a fabulous festive look!


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